Fantasia Opens Up: ‘I Need To Be Single!’

Fantasia is a single woman and she wants to stay that way following her whirlwind relationship with salesman Antwaun Cook. According to Fantasia, the time has come to focus on herself and let the "good man" find her…

"I'm single. I need to be. I want to hit the road for a long time. When we go looking for stuff, that's when we don't find it," the "American Idol" winner shared in a recent interview with Power 99. "The bible says a man findeth a good wife. Let him find me this time. I don't want to find him."

Focused on her forthcoming album, "Side Effects of You," Fantasia is also very career conscious now, claiming that she is done letting the industry and folk run over her and treat her almost like a clown.

"I gave them that window to be able to run haywire and say and do without me saying anything. That 'Tasia is gone," Fantasia said of her career and recent cover controversy with JET magazine. "I wasn't trying to go against JET but I want them to know that this is my career, that I have taken control of now because I don't want to mess it up."

To that end, Fantasia is also done worrying about and crying over the promotion of other "American Idol" winners in comparison to the treatment that she received over the years.

"I used to get angry and get upset but now I don't even put my feelings into that because that's where I messed up, coming into this game with feelings. Because this game don't care about your feelings. I say God bless them. I'm going to stay over here in my lane. If it gets bigger or gets smaller I'm still going to sing my music," says Fantasia.

Amen to that!! Fantasia's new album, "Side Effects of You," drops April 23.