Clive Davis: Jennifer Hudson’s Voice Is A Force of Nature

Will Jennifer Hudson deliver powerhouse vocals and hits on her third studio album? According to Clive Davis, the Oscar and Grammy winning actress has a voice that is like a force of nature so, it's possible.

“I immediately sensed it with one of your own, from Chicago: Jennifer Hudson," Clive Davis shared with Chicago's Sun Times this week. "The first time I saw that girl sing, I knew she had something special, something great."

With singles like "Spotlight," "If This Isn't Love" and "Where You At?" Hudson has captured many a music fan with her sound, but at the same time, she hasn't had an undeniable chart-topping (across the board) single ("Spotlight" peaked at no.24 on the Hot 100, above "And I Am Telling You," which peaked at no.60 on the Hot 100).

Even though she doesn't have a major no.1 hit on some of the coveted music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100, Clive Davis isn't worried about that. He believes in Jennifer Hudson and believes that her career will be filled with signature songs and long term success.

“Jennifer has a voice that is a force of nature. She has the kind of voice and the way of delivering her music that I know she will end up with a long, successful career that will include signature songs that will always be identified with her," said Davis.

Thoughts? Do you hear what Clive hears?