Ashanti Teases Video With Major Rapper, Dramatic ‘Army Wives’ Debut

Does Ashanti have a hit single and music video on her hands? Time will tell, but the award-winning artist has big plans for the Summer and that includes the release of her album "Braveheart" and a collaboration with an unnamed major Hip Hop artist.

"What I will say is two days ago I had a conversation with one of the hottest rappers in music right now and he's getting on my record. I'm super excited about it and hopefully we'll be shooting the video in LA in about four weeks," Ashanti teased on "Big Morning Buzz Live" this week.

Not able to divulge anything else, she confirmed that her album is due this summer and that her focus is really on the Lifetime series "Army Wives."

"There's actually an episode where my son has an attack and we have to bring him to the hospital and I'm going frantic about what I'm going to do with my kids… do I leave them with the neighbor? It does get very dramatic," Ashanti said of her role, playing the wife of a soldier that is on duty. "I wanted to tweet one day because my heart goes out to parents that have to deal with these real life situations. It definitely touches you. The struggles are real."

Watch Ashanti's entire interview below…