UPDATE: LaToya Jackson Blasts NY Post, Denies Signing Michael Jackson’s Kids

LaToya Jackson has not signed Michael or Paris Jackson to a representation/management deal contrary to recent reports. Releasing a statement Monday, the "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" star says she has not nor does she plan to receive any commissions or payments from Michael Jackson's children.

"The story in The NY Post is completely and unequivocally false. Neither La Toya nor her company represent any of MJ’s children in any legal capacity nor has she received any commissions or payment as a result of their individual ventures. As a loving Aunt, when the children ask for help or advice she supports them 100%, and will continue to do so," Jackson's statement read.

In addition to denying reports about management and using the children for money, Jackson denies shopping a reality show for the children.

"Furthermore, there is no shopping of a reality show for the children. Paris did her movie deal over a year ago directly with the production company and La Toya had nothing to do with it. Over the past year, Prince has continuously asked his Aunt for her help in starting his career because of the infrastructure she has. When she asked her nephew what he wanted for his birthday he replied, "He just wanted to work," It was at the time that she diligently started to assist him with his career and that's when Entertainment Tonight was booked and then 90210," reads the statement, which was sent to The Hollywood Reporter.

It's unclear what Jackson is planning to do in regards to the original New York Post story, but she is said to be consulting with her attorneys.