Jill Scott Talks Conforming In Current State of Music

Jill Scott does not agree with any notion that an artist should conform, even if temporarily, to sort of "get on" in the music industry. Speaking from experience in a recent interview, Scott says it's simply not a good idea because when conforming, you're not being true to yourself or your individuality and artistry.

"I started publicly in the industry a little later on in life. My first album came out when I was 27 or 28. So it's different coming from a grown ups perspective. When I initially sent out music to get a record deal or whatever, I didn't send a picture because I didn't want people to try to define who or what I was going to be based off of my appearance. I wanted them to appreciate the music," Scott shared in an interview with The Biz With D.

Speaking of conforming, she says "My lane is my own and yours is yours. I don't think conforming, in fact I know conforming to somebody else's standards of beauty or style or any of that isn't a good choice. We're all individuals. We're all creative spirits. Anything else is not giving glory…"

Thoughts? Do you agree with Jill Scott?