Alicia Keys: Swizz Beatz ‘Taught Me A Lot About Freedom’

Alicia Keys has really learned a lot from the love of her life, producer Swizz Beatz. Claiming that he's just "bubbling over with life," the "Brand New Me" singer says he's taught her about freedom, spontaneity and just being more open to let life, as it is, happen.

"He's just bubbling over with life. I have never met a person like him … ever. Few are able to be that free, to just follow our light. Just follow it and lead you where you're meant to go," Keys shared on "Oprah's Master Class." "He's definitely taught me a lot about freedom and about spontaneity and being open to life and how it's going to happen. I think before I was so regimented about how everything had to happen and I'd plan it all out perfectly, but that's not quite life. Don't get it wrong,you definitely have to plan things and execute them. (But) There's also another part of life that is very spontaneous and natural that unfolds and happens to you."

While on "Oprah's Master Class," the Grammy winner also talked about naming her son, Egypt. Looking back, she now realizes that her trip to Egypt was transformative.

"My son, our son, he is like my heart burster. It's crazy. I named my son Egypt and the more that I think of it now, the more I realize what a transformative trip it was for me," said Keys.

Watch more of Alicia Key's journey on "Oprah's Master Class" below: