Miguel Flattered By Kelly Clarkson Praise, Talks Tour With Alicia Keys

Contrary to what some felt about Kelly Clarkson saying she didn't know who the hell Miguel was at the Grammys, Miguel was flattered and appreciative of Kelly Clarkson's honesty.

Addressing the somewhat controversial moment with E! recently, he said "That was the biggest compliment and mind you, it was during her acceptance speech so, it was genuine."

As seen during the Grammys, Kelly Clarkson called Miguel's performance of "Adorn" the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Therefore, it's pretty safe to assume that Kelly will be or has already checked out Miguel's first and second album.

In related news, Miguel is prepping for his anticipated tour with Alicia Keys ("Set The World On Fire Tour") — just days after a two-night stint in South Africa.

Due to launch later this week, the tour will take both talented acts on a cross-country trek, performing some of their best music, including songs like "Adorn" and "Brand New Me."

"Just being able to watch her is going to be amazing in itself," Miguel says of Alicia Keys.

The "Set The World On Fire" tour kicks off March 7 !