Michelle Williams Talks ‘Super Bowl’ Secrets, Launch of New Foundation

The Super Bowl might have been a month ago, but it's still interesting to hear how Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle pulled off what has to be one of the best half-time performances ever.

During an appearance on HLN over the weekend, Michelle revealed just how she pulled off not only rehearsing for the Super Bowl, but for the currently running musical Fela!

"It was literally two rehearsals in a day, doing a "Fela!" rehearsal, and then sneak in to see the girls for, like, two or three hours a night in New York because we all happened to be in New York at the same time," Michelle shared with HLN. "Everything aligned and destiny happened, so that we could rehearse together, snuck down to New Orleans once and then we had opening night in Washington, D.C. for "Fela!" on Wednesday. Thursday morning, I snuck down to New Orleans to see the girls and rehearse again. Sunday, we hit the stage."

In related news, Michelle is launching the Michelle T. Williams Foundation to help individuals struggling with bullying, depression and other issues.

"I'm launching it in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois, the Michelle T. Williams Foundation. I'm going to go by the saying, if you change your mind, you can change your life. And it all begins in the mind and how your mind can play tricks on you. It can make you feel like you're less than, you're not good enough, but if you can just tell yourself, you are meant to be here, there is a reason, and a purpose for you here on this earth, you know, you are just not here taking up space, that you can make it and you can do anything that you put your mind to doing," said the "We Break The Dawn" singer.

Watch Michelle's full interview in video below.