Melanie Amaro Benched After X Factor Win and $5 Million Recording Contract

Usually, the machine to drop the winner’s album is in full swing, and it comes out merely a few months after the win. But that hasn’t been the case for season one X Factor winner Melanie Amaro. She appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Elton John that debuted during the 2012 Superbowl, but as The X-Factor prepares for season three, Amaro is still yet to drop her debut album. Where in the music industry is Melanie Amaro?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, her debut album, titled Truly, was supposed to come out in early 2012, then was pushed back to late 2012, and then March 2013. Now, the label says there is "no release date scheduled as of yet." Amaro’s singles that have been released, “Don’t Fail Me Now,” “Love Me Now” and “Long Distance,” didn’t make noticeable sales or a notable mark on the charts. Amaro told The Sun Sentinel that she hopes that the singles “progress and get higher and hopefully make Billboard charts and get nominations.” Her name was even mentioned on the season two finale! “It wasn’t deliberate,” said Simon Cowell to the Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, season two winner Tate Stevens’ album has a prompt drop date on April 23, his single “Power of Love” set to hit on March 11. Even the second season third placers Fifth Harmony and runners up Cali trio Emblem3 are working on their album. Even a group who didn’t make it to the round of live performances, Sister C, has released an EP! Season one contestant Marcus Canty’s EP This Is … Marcus Canty drops tomorrow (Mar 5), and the rest of season one’s competition Chris Rene and Rachel Crow both have music out.

What do you think the reason is for Melanie Amaro’s debut delay?