Fantasia On ‘Side Effects of You’ Album: ‘It’s Like A Ministry Thing’

Fantasia had nowhere else to run but to the studio when she was finally ready to reveal some of her deepest trials and struggles. Admitting that her forthcoming album, "Side Effects of You," is her blood, sweat and tears, Fantasia says the music on this album is like ministering to her fans — people that she calls her family.

"I'm going to say it this way. I had nowhere else to go but to my music. There were things that we were still fixing and knots that we were still trying to untangle in dealing with Fantasia. I had nowhere else to go but there. I had nowhere else to reveal it. I'm a soul singer. I don't know where else to reveal it so, I put my all into this album," Fantasia shared in a recent interview.

Claiming that music is her blessing, Fantasia says she had no choice but to be honest about life on "Side Effects of You."

"I felt like at this point, for me, my music makes me happy and my children make me happy and I need to put my love in both of those. So my children are my kids and my music is my blessing and I want to be good to it. I feel like I should put my all, my honesty, my blood, sweat and tears when it comes to the live shows and giving the people good music," she told Richmond's Kiss 105.7 FM. "It's like a ministry thing from me to my family. I feel like my music is how we relate so I had to put it there."

While it's unclear what Fantasia will say in each song and just how far she'll go, the album does start off with the moving single "Lose To Win." Relating that song to her life, Fantasia believes that it was only right that she take her time to promote this album so that more people will know about it and be able to listen.

"For me as an artist I know what I want and I know what I need. I felt like we should push it back so that we could promote it and let everybody know about it," Fantasia said of the album's recent delay. "It's a very special project."

In related news, Fantasia has shot the music video for "Lose To Win." You can see some behind the scenes footage here.