Brandy Talks Return To ‘The Game’ and ‘Chardonnay’

Brandy is really excited about returning to "The Game," which will kick off a sixth season on BET later this month.

Speaking of the upcoming season recently, Brandy explained why she loves playing the character Chardonnay.

"It's such a blessing. Chardonnay is such a free, wild and wonderful character. I love her. She's full of life. She doesn't take no you know what and she's just awesome," Brandy shares in video below. "I love playing her."

As previously reported, Brandy is also starring in the forthcoming Tyler Perry pic "Temptation."

Excited about that project as well, which is due to open in theaters March 29, Brandy says it's just part of following her path and hopefully additional doors will be opened for more.

"I'm excited about everything coming up and hopefully that will open up new opportunities. I'm just following my path," she shared.

Listen to Brandy's full interview with The Martina Show below. Brandy is also touring in support of her new album "Two Eleven."