Nicki Minaj Announces Launch of K-Mart ‘Lifestyle’ Line (Video)

K-Mart isn’t known for having the trendiest of clothing, but maybe this will bring all the fashionistas to their yard.

Nicki Minaj held a press conference at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, CA to announce her lifestyle brand via K-Mart and the ShopYourWay website on Friday (March 1). Dressed in a sophisticated, neutral-toned dress and simple blonde tresses, Minaj walked the pink carpet before taking to the podium to talk about “The Nicki Minaj Collection.”

If you’re expecting the colorful (almost clownish) threads Minaj is known for, think again; the singer/MC plans on offering feminine dresses and trendy work wear. “I have been doing a lot of dresses lately…Some of the dresses that I have been doing lately have been completely covered like sweater dresses,” she explained. “My fans are like ‘Hey Nicki, we want the crazy leggings’ and stuff like that but we also want to have things that we can wear whether we are going to work or whatever. I’m really focused on the dresses! I’ve been feeling so romantic and sexy lately.”

As for price range, dressing like the Queen Barbz shouldn’t break your budget. “Teaming up with Kmart and is gonna give me a way to have my fans dress like me for an affordable price and it’s going to be rich stuff, quality stuff. My big thing is that it cannot look cheesy and cheap, and that’s what I want to give my beautiful Barbz,” she stated.

You can get your hands on Minaj’s duds when they become available later this year at select K-Mart locations and online. Go to in following months to get a glimpse of the collection.