Actress Who Played Rihanna-esque Role on ‘SVU’ Wants to Bring Awareness to Domestic Violence

If you caught the last episode of “Law & Order: SUV,” you may have noticed some parallels between the characters and Chris Brown and Rihanna’s infamous bout with domestic violence (if you didn’t, here’s your spoiler alert). The similarities had some people in an uproar, but the actress who portrayed an abused pop starlet, Tiffany Robinson, assures that even though the plot seems like a dig at Rihanna and Chris, what’s important is the fact that domestic violence was addressed.

Originally, her abused character Micha was supposed to run off to Bermuda with boyfriend and rap star Caleb (played by Roca). The show’s writers did a last minute change to have Micha end up dead after an argument.

"They really pushed it so that we can really look at the seriousness of it," Robinson told MTV News.

She adds: "They kept it real, and they went there…It was about telling the truth. This is what happens [in abusive relationships] when we look at the numbers. This is usually where it ends up."

Audiences were shocked to see a Rihanna-like character meet such a negative fate, but Robinson said she tried not to think about the comparison. She wanted to bring the character alive in her own way, focusing on the larger issue of domestic violence.

"They really wanted me to create this character for myself…I try to bring in real elements when I create these characters, I feel so much responsibility towards it…that is, domestic violence. We wanted to make sure we were telling the stories the way that the writers [wanted us to]," she states

“Law & Order: SVU” episodes are many times ripped from the headlines. During season five, they ran a plot that was similar to the Michael Jackson sexual child abuse scandal. Did you think this episode took it too far, or do you think it effectively addressed the larger issue at hand, that of domestic violence?