Cissy Houston: ‘Whitney Married The Wrong Person’

Cissy Houston appeared on "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" earlier today to talk about her recent book release "Remembering Whitney."

While candidly speaking with Steve Harvey, the matriarch of the Houston family let it slip that her daughter married the wrong person…

"Unfortunately she married the wrong person and you know (pause)… I don't talk about other people's children because I wouldn't want nobody to talk about mine. So everybody knew that story… you know," said Houston.

With hopes of sharing the "real Whitney" with fans, via her book, Cissy Houston wants people to understand that her daughter was human and experienced hurt and pain just like everyone else.

"When she first came in the business, they booed her, they called her whitey, did some of everything to her and that hurt her very much," said Houston.

Listen to Cissy Houston's full interview with "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" below: