Bridget Kelly Quashes Fake Single “Daylight”

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Bridget Kelly has been performing lately on stages in New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. While she has been on the move, “Daylight,” a new record, was leaked on to internet to her dismay. Rumors immediately labeled the song as BK’s second single before she put a halt to the gossip.

She addressed the issue directly, “I'm not sure who randomly put Daylight on the web. As much as I love the song, it is absolutely NOT my next single, eff the "rumors."

Over the past few years, Bridget Kelly has laid the groundwork for her career touring with Jay-Z and Estelle, as well as honing her songwriting which earned her a Grammy-Award for penning “Einstein” from Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger album. The Roc Nation artist started the year with a buzz from “Special Delivery,” on the lead single she opts out of contemporary communication, but rather sends a goodbye letter stained with tears to the one who has hurt her.

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