Jermaine Jacksun Changes Name for ‘Artistic Reasons’

Jermaine Jackson is no longer a Jackson; he’s now a Jacksun: same pronunciation, different spelling.

Why go through the legal hassle for such a small change? We guess because it’s a name that “fits a star” (ha! Get it?) But Los Angeles court officials revealed the name change is for “artistic reasons.”

The famous Jacksun filed a petition back in November 2012 to legally change the spelling of his name, and it was officially granted this past Wednesday (Feb 20).

The brother of the late Michael Jackson was not in LA for the hearing; he’s currently touring Europe with the rest of his surviving brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito as The Jacksons.

This isn’t the first time Jacksun played with name changes. In 1989 when he converted to Islam, he unofficially changed his name to Mohammad Abdul Aziz.