Bilal Talks Coming Up From The Gritty Streets Of Philly

Bilal has a perspective that is flavored in diversity. It may have come from traveling and interacting with various artists and fans. However, his beginnings as a product of Christian and Muslim upbringing helped him to see how the world was different, but at the same time very much the same.

“I grew up in Philly. Philly is gritty. It's my hometown and that's where it began. I know I wanted to sing when I was going into high school, but I’ve been singing since I can remember. I have been singing since the age of 4 years old in the choir at church. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing," Bilal told Singersroom.

He adds: "I pretty much lived with my mother which was a devout Christian, but I had stayed with my father for a little while who was a devout Muslim. My whole life was pretty much a big religious debate. LOL. But both of those religions are monolithic religions. They both have similarities and have the same parables and stories. It was almost like living with one parent that was a Crip and the other a Blood. There were a bunch of disagreements and everyone was saying the same thing. It was a picture of what the world is right now.”

Do you think Bilal’s upbringing influenced his diverse style of music?