RL Talks Being Built To Win & Feels He Can’t Be Compared to The New Cats

RL has been part of writing and performing extraordinary hits as a solo artist and as part of the R&B group Next. He seems to understand what some of the new artists are missing and feels he has been prepared for any situation thrown his way.

"I think the quality of music has changed. There is no artist development. These new artists are not put in the position where they can get better," RL told Singersroom. "They have a bunch of great songs, but they don’t have a direction. Comparing me to these young artists is like comparing Kobe Bryant to these new cats. He came up the hard way and I came up the hard way. He could baby sit these new cats and that’s how I feel when they compare me to these new artists. My fade away is crazy!"

RL has proven himself throughout the years. How has music changed since the 90's and has the lack of artist development affected the quality of music?