K. Michelle Using Men For Album Songs, Blasts Reality TV Singers with ‘Breakfast Club’

Will K. Michelle's forthcoming album feature songs about her relationships with men, including NBA athlete J.R. Smith? According to K. Michelle, the album is all about "that boy."

"That whole album is about that boy. Dudes use us for coochie, I use men for songs," K. Michelle told "The Breakfast Club" Tuesday.

With August marked as the month of release for her debut album under Atlantic Records (no longer Warner), K. Michelle says there is a lot of pressure under the project because of her reality TV status.

Blasting reality TV "singers" that are making it hard for her, K. Michelle says "Love & Hip Hop" has been a help, but it's hard because she's often grouped with non-singers because of the show.

"It helped a lot but I still have to fight even harder as an artist because being on a show where everybody says they're an artist and they're not, it's like they just wake up one morning and say hey, I'm on a reality so I'm going to cut a record. Being on that, you get grouped in certain situations. When I do a show, I can't do anything but give it a thousand," said K. Michelle. "I have to sing my a** off. I have to do everything. I'm not going to complain because it's what I love. It's hard work. My single is coming out. It has to be amazing."

Watch K. Michelle's full interview with The Breakfast Club for more on her upcoming album and to see what she says about leaving reality TV….