Toni Braxton Reflects on Whitney Houston’s Advice, Aspires to Portray Lesbian on Film

As we get used to the words “Toni Braxton” and “music” not being in the same sentence (since she wants to retire from music and focus on an acting career), the songstress spoke with The Grio about advice given to her by Whitney Houston regarding career passion, and she also dished on her desire to have a lesbian role on film.

“She taught me and educated me a lot about the business,” Braxton said, revealing Houston gave her dating advice on what it’s like dating while being a celebrity. “‘Guys don’t really like us at first,” Braxton recalled Houston saying. “Because they think we’re too strong, they say we’re too controlling. But it’s not that… they’re just uncomfortable.’”

Braxton’s decision to slow up on music and do acting may’ve come from Whitney’s resonating advice. She stressed for her to do what her heart desires despite what others say. “Do what you want to do,” Whitney said. “You have to be your own artist.’”

Toni stressed that she might tour a bit, but in terms of new music, it’s a wrap. “For what I do I have to love it. I have to feel that excitement and it’s gone,” she revealed. Her focused has completely shifted to acting, her latest role being Lifetime’s Twist of Faith. It's is the singer-turned-actor’s first role since 2002’s Kingdom Come starring LL Cool J, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Loretta Devine. But her ultimate dream role would be to play a lesbian, something people wouldn’t expect of the usually low-key artist. “Do a whole make-out scene and the whole thing…not a lipstick lesbian, either,” she clarified.

Catch Toni on the upcoming season 3 of Braxton Family Values premiering March 14 on WE TV at 9pm.