Bilal Talks Being a Dad and How It Has Made Him Wiser

Bilal has been touring and killing stages throughout the world for years. He has had his ups and downs in the energy but no one can deny that he is a true musicians and one of the most talented male vocalists of our time. But he also has a private and quiet side which he shares for the few family and friends in his circle. Singersroom had the opportunity to get a glimpse into Bilal's perspective about parenting and being a dad.

“Being a Dad made me a lot wiser now that I have kids. I look at life in a different way. I find lessons in things faster than compared to when I was younger. With raising my children how I deal with them depends on the situation. I like to approach raising them in stages. At a certain time in a kids life I just let them play and do what they want to do. The next stage its not that I just chastise them but you try to inform them a little bit. But since I have all boys I try to let them find their way. I let them fall and play. I let them wrestle. I let them learn some things on their own. ”

We all look at artist as one dimensional individuals without families and private lives.

How do you think it would be to be the son of Bilal?