Timberlake Captures No. 1 Position on Top 10 Most Popular R&B Singles of the Week

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Valentine's Day did not propel the most romantic songs to the top of Singersroom's Most Popular R&B Singles of the Week. However, Justin Timberake was a wanted man, his new record "Mirror" and a cover of "Suit & Tie" by August Alisna consumed the top two positions on the chart. Since announcing his return to music, Timberlake has rumbled twitter hashtags and the Grammy as fans have awaited his return. With each record that the former N'Sync singer drops, he builds anticipation for forthcoming album 'The 20/20 Experience.'

Usher continued his new tradition of premiering new songs on Valentine' Day starting with "Climax" last year. He regrouped with producer Diplo for a unique mash up of swag and techno entitled "Go Missin." His attempt to deliver crossover records for all his fans closed on the third position on the list. He is followed by Sammie, Baiyu, Chaka Khan, Raheem DeVaughn, Shelea, Maejor Ali and TGT.

 Justin Timberlake - Mirror

Justin Timberlake – Mirror

JT seems passionate about the lady he’s singing about, which could be his wife, Jessica Biel.

Ausgust Alsina - Shoot or Die (Suit & Tie Remix)

Ausgust Alsina – Shoot or Die (Suit & Tie Remix)

August Alsina reps the hood on his remix of Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie.”

Usher - Go Missin

Usher – Go Missin

Produced by Diplo, Usher wants spontaneity by going M.I.A; it’s not along the sensual lines of “Climax” fitting of a V-Day release, but at least it’s new music from the busy father of two!

 Sammie - Merlot

Sammie – Merlot

On the ballad, which is a true story surrounding one of the R&B crooner’s heartfelt experiences, Sammie sings about “causing pain” to a female, but he’s changing his ways because he’s “madly in love” with her.

 TGT - Sex Never Felt Better

TGT – Sex Never Felt Better

The three R&B heavyweights give us “Sex Never Felt Better,” the first single from their upcoming album due out later this year.

Maejor Ali - Lolly Ft. Juicy J and Justin

Maejor Ali – Lolly Ft. Juicy J and Justin

Maejor believes the record will be huge insisting, “It is culture. It is crossing every boundary in culture, black people, white people, ages.”

Shelea - Love The Way You Love Me

Shelea – Love The Way You Love Me

The power and precise vocal delivery of the ballad is a magnet for two people reciprocating l-o-v-e. After listening to the song, it’s easy to understand why Stevie Wonder drafted her for a duet performance at the White House for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Raheem DeVaughn - Love Connection

Raheem DeVaughn – Love Connection

Raheem Devaughn is no stranger to music that bring us together through love.

Baiyu - Mourning Hangover

Baiyu – Mourning Hangover

The drowse piano keys are cut short in the funk of Baiyu’s love drunk “Mourning Hangover.” Producer KQuick slurs the sounds to reflect the dizziness that too many glasses of liquor is equal to the disorientation of an unsettled heart. For Baiyu, the record represents the stigma that “love can sometimes be bittersweet.”

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