Esperanza Spaulding Faces Lawsuit Over ‘Radio Music Society’ Album Cover

She won two Grammys for it (Best Vocal Jazz Album, Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying vocalist(s), but now Esperanza Spaulding is feeling a little heat after being sued for the cover art image of her 2012 Grammy-winning album Radio Music Society.

The photo shows the jazz singer sitting on a boom box, which is actually a sculpture by Ryan Humphrey on display at Galapagos Art Space, in Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the “boombox” is made from pictures attached to a wooden box. Kevin Ryan, the photographer of the pictures that makes up the sculpture, requested that Spaulding give him credit or acquire photo licensing permission, but she failed to do so according to Ryan, and he’s filed a suit for $500,000. His claim also states that the boombox image that features his photos is being sold on t-shirts and e-cards.

"I love Esperanza, and I love her music, and, actually, I like the image," he says. "But you wish people would have done their due diligence," he said.