Clive Davis Talks State of Music, R&B and Autobiography Release

Clive Davis is a legendary music industry professional. Names associated with him include Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and more, but what is the man behind the music really like? For the first time, Davis will reveal some of his private thoughts and wisdom in a new autobiography titled "The Soundtrack of My Life."

Speaking of music during a recent interview, while promoting the book, Davis said music is not dead and will never die because it means too much to people.

"Well, there’s no way that music could ever go down the tubes,” Davis told ABC News. "I can’t imagine a civilization without music. When you realize today that music is such a part of people’s lives. And will always be, really."

Admitting that he has not made many changes, in terms of how he looks for music and talent, Davis does pretty much the same thing he did decades ago. That includes listening to things on tape, not CD or mp3.

"For me, everything I do is the same. I look for artists the same way. So I leave it to others as to technologically where it’s taking. The purity of finding the right artist, that artist that’s gonna be the next hall of famer, that artist that’s gonna be the next headliner, lifting people out of their seats at Madison Square Garden, that song that’s gonna be sung for hundreds and hundreds of years, that essence remains the same. I don’t wanna be confused," says Davis. "Leave it to others. I never paid attention when the LP became the cassette and the cassette became the CD and now we’re dealing, you know, with MP3s, it’s okay."

While Davis may not be "with" technology, he is never out-of-date when it comes to what's playing, hot or current.

“I take home with me every week, tapes, if you will, of every record that makes the charts. And … whether it be R&B, whether it be alternative, whether it be pop or Top 40, including now videos to watch, but I get great pleasure out of it. So when I’m saying for pleasure, it’s in your terms of, ‘Well, I got two hours, who am I going–’ I don’t have those two hours. For me it’s fun to keep educating that ear so that I do not go over the hill.”

"The Soundtrack of My Life," Clive Davis' autobiography, is due in stores tomorrow, Feb. 19. Below is a short description of the title, which is also available on Kindle.

"Davis tells all, from becoming an orphan in high school and getting through college and law school on scholarships, to being falsely accused of embezzlement and starting up his own record company, J Records. His wealth of experience offers valuable insight into the evolution of the music business over the past half-century and into the future." — Simon & Schuster.