Mariah Carey Battles Jermaine Dupri For Album Balanced with Hip Hop & R&B

Though Mariah is known for her five-octave vocal range, she has always gravitated towards Hip Hop. Her rap collaborations have produced hits like "Fantasy" and the production influence has helped her create records like "We Belong Together." Now in the studio developing material for her new album, Mariah wants to take the approach of a rapper. "She wants to do everything that all the rappers are doing like everything that’s happening in the club," Jermaine Dupri told YouKnowIGotSoul.

Dupri, a frequent collaborator with Carey, has been pushing her to stay with ballads. "We have a very interesting working relationship. As Hip Hop as I am, she wants to be double Hip Hop. When we go in the studio, it’s like I turn into the R&B person and she turns into the rapper. It’s a real weird situation" said Dupri.

The pair have been able to find a balance between the two genres while working on records for the upcoming album. “We go round and round, but it’s a really creative process because we find a happy medium.”


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