Bilal Pulls Grit & Struggle into Fashion Style

Bilal has been recognized as one of the best vocalist of our time and has wowed his fans throughout the world. He humbly talked about his style and the source of soul.

"I don’t want to look all pristine… not saying I’m not clean. My style is just kind of fitted. I wear something Bruce Lee would wear,” Bilal told Singersroom.

Bilal has style, but it is subtle and has a nice dose of grit to it. It is this grit and struggle that is used as foul to create an organic soul.

he adds: “Places like Philly, Detroit, Newark are not clean … that’s that grit. That’s where you get the soul from … that struggle. It’s the struggle that is beautiful. You don’t have much so you have to make beauty from not having much.”

It’s about soul and Bilal's sound reflects it. It speaks for that struggle we find in the heart of our inner cities.