Mary J. Blige Covers Evolution, Love For Rihanna in VIBE

Mary J. Blige has evolved over the years, going from songs like "I Can Love You (Better Than She Can)" to "The Living Proof." She has also taken a turn beyond music, perhaps softening up.

"I’ve evolved, I’m a woman now, and I’ve softened. I’ve been a tomboy my whole life. But then you get older, you get married, you soften up," Blige tells Vibe magazine in an excerpt from the Feb/March issue.

Following the recently successful effort "Betty & Coretta," which she executive produced for Lifetime, Blige is happy about the state of R&B. Notably, she confirms that she has a love and appreciation for Rihanna and what's she's doing not just musically, but in simply being herself.

"I am so proud of what Rihanna is doing. She is speaking to her generation, and she’s living her life in front of them. I don’t even think she is purposely doing it. She’s such a beautiful girl, and I don’t think she knows she’s that beautiful," says Blige. "She’s just living her life, and leading her generation, and she has great, great songs."

You can read more of Mary's story in the February/March issue of Vibe, which hits newsstands Feb. 19.