Tyrese Calls Out ‘Lazy Producers,’ Teases Major ‘Black Rose’ Album

Have producers behind some of today's top R&B and Urban Contemporary artists become lazy? Has that "laziness" led to what listeners are hearing? According to recent Grammy performer and nominee Tyrese, producers are lazy today, emailing tracks and not really connecting with the recording artist they are producing for.

"Producers these days are lazy. Making tracks. Sending emails. I'm just saying. When you make music under the same roof, with the actual artist that you're working with, everybody is praying together, eating together, laughing together. It's a different kind of nuance that's created around music," Tyrese said, speaking from experience, over the weekend.

Taking control of his next album, "Black Rose," Tyrese rented out a house for just over a month and pulled in a team of producers, songwriters and other singers.

"I just rented a house for 34 days. We set up shop and did it the way they did it in the Motown days. We feel really confident about it. Black Rose is definitely coming," Tyrese shares in video below. "We got 146 songs done in 34 days. It was 19 producers, singers, songwriters under one roof. It was too much. Black Rose coming 2014. Just get ready."

Tyrese is not the only artist that has taken this approach to getting his album done. Complex magazine covered Kanye West's recording process for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" in 2010. In that cover story, Noah Callahan-Bever traveled to Hawaii and witnessed West, a team of engineers and artists, working near non stop for days at a Hawaii studio.