Jonn Hart Talks Valentine’s Day, What He Looks For in a Woman, and His Celebrity Crushes

Jonn Hart will never hesitate to let a girl know exactly what he wants and how he wants it. It may be a little rash, but he gets his point across, which you can tell from songs like “Who Booty?” However, everyone has a softer side. Jonn talked a little about his plans for Valentine’s Day, what he finds attractive in a woman and his celebrity crushes.

“I am single. I actually have a show for Valentine’s Day. But I like a woman that takes care of herself. I like when women take care of their hair … it could be long or short. She doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous. I like when a female has her own swag and is doing her own thing. I like her to be independent. I been grinding and I want someone that has her grind and hustle going also. It could be doing whatever, once she is doing it to the fullest. She has to be cool. I like chicks that don’t complain all the time and just go with the flow. It has to be someone who is willing to try new and different things. I had a crush on Kim Kardashian but Kanye got her pregnant now. I used to love Beyonce but Jay-Z wifed her up. Rihanna too but she’s back with Chris Brown. I still do like Christina Milian. She’s bad!”

Who do you think would look good on Jonn Hart’s arm?

  1. Rihanna (Chris Brown’s girlfriend)
  2. Christina Milian (The-Dream’s baby mother)
  3. Kim Kardashian (pregnant w/ Yeezy’s baby)
  4. Bonus: There is always Solange since Bey is married (See Why Solange is hot)

(We are just using our imagination. We do not want to start ANY drama. LOL)

Listen to Jonn's new Valentine's Day track "Alone."