Usher’s Custody Judge Under Fire For Alleged Bias, Relationship in Atlanta

Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane, the Georgia judge that made a shocking ruling, giving Usher full custody of his two boys, is under investigation.

According to CBS Atlanta, Lane is under fire for having an alleged bias and connection with Usher's lawyer, John Mayoue. That connection and alleged relationship includes a donation made to her 2008 election campaign.

Mayoue, Usher's lawyer, donated at least $1,000 towards Judge Lane's campaign in 2008 and hosted her sole fundraising event that year, allegedly raising 83 percent of funds that helped her win the election.

Attorney Lisa West, counsel for Usher's ex wife, Tameka Raymond, is disturbed by the relationship the judge and Mayoue had, which led her to ask that Judge Lane recuse herself from the custody case. West and Raymond have also appealed the judge's ruling.

Judge Lane recused herself from the case in December, following West's filing of a motion that asked that computers, allegedly used in Lane's 2008 election campaign, be preserved. Judge Lane stepped down from the case (recused herself) less than 24 hours after West filed that motion. West, Tameka Raymond's attorney, believes that the judge does not want anyone to see what might be on those computers, which are said to have been property of her now deceased sister.

According to CBS Atlanta, Attorney Lisa West has several new clients that have stepped up, asking that she help to remove their custody and divorce cases from Judge Lane's courtroom.

CBS interviewed Judge Lane briefly and she denied ruling in favor of Usher due to the alleged relationship with Attorney Mayoue. She did not deny the fact that she failed to diclose her past relationship with Mayoue when taking on Usher and Tameka's case.

As seen last Summer, Usher took the stand during a custody hearing. He later spoke about his children and relationship with their mother on the OWN series "Oprah's Next Chapter."

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