10 Fashion Choices Of Miguel that Make You Go Hhmmm

Miguel just killed the 2013 Grammy Awards with Wiz Khalifa in black and white. We love Miguel and he represents R&B so well. It's important to push fashion boundaries and show individuality if you're a public figure in a creative industry. What better way to do so than with fashion? From Celine Dion's reverse tux at the 1999 Academy Awards, to the skintight, boob-baring lavender cat suit worn by Lil Kim at the 1999 VMA's, to when Nicki Minaj dressed like a cardinal to the Pope at the 2012 Grammy's, stars are dead-set on either making a fashion statement, or breaking a cardinal fashion law. And while those are extreme examples, some take a more subtle approach to wacky wear. Case in point: R&B trendsetter Miguel.

Miguel prides himself in presented a different sound for R&B, once referencing Parliament Funkadelic as an example of pushing the envelope in sound and style. When her first stepped on the scene as a solo artist, his style had tongues wagging; is he, or isn't he? Questions about his sexuality at times overshadowed the music, but that isn't what matters (he's been with his longtime girlfriend Nazanin Mandi for years). He's said his biracial Mexican and African-American heritage was a factor in his efforts to not conform to what people think he should be, and he's also admitted his image was “a little odd” at the beginning of his solo career because it was a mix between what the label wanted him to be and him attempting to take control of his own aesthetic. Since then, his threads have developed into something less quirky and a little more chic.

We appreciate Miguel as a talented singer-songwriter, whatever the reason is for his eye-grabbing duds. No shade, we got nothing but love for you, Miguel! But here's a look back at 10 outfits that had most of us scratching our heads.

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