Toni Braxton No Longer ‘Feeling’ Music, Talks Career With ‘GMA’

Has Toni Braxton lost the desire to record, release music and perform for the legion of fans she has touched over the years? In an appearance early Thursday morning, the "Unbreak My Heart," "Please" and "I Heart You" singer explained why she feels as though she might be going through some sort of musical crisis.

"I don't feel the love for music anymore. It's not affecting me and making me feel that thing I always felt when I performed," Braxton told "Good Morning America." "It's leaving me and I'm not sure what's going on in my life. Maybe it's a female midlife crisis. I'm not sure, but my heart isn't in it anymore and I hate to say that."


It's unclear what led Toni to feel this way, but her past does include some tough recording situations, including a recording contract that left her with very little compensation (see: Behind The Music clip from last year).

While this news is kind of hard to take for any fan of Toni Braxton, she did tell Tom Joyner that she's not quitting music permanently.

Tom Joyner: "And the big scoop I think, is, ‘I’m never going to record another song again, ever?"

Toni Braxton: No, I’m not trying to do that.

All of that said, watch Toni Braxton's full interview with "Good Morning America" in video below: