Elli Ingram – Poetic Justice

Elli Ingram is only 19 years old, but her music and voice is being heard all the way from the UK. The newcomer has consistently gained attention since securing 145,000 views on her YouTube video rendition of Benny Banks’ “Let Me Be.”

"In the thunder and rain you stare into my eyes." – Poetic Justice

Elli Ingram takes inspiration from Kendrick Lamar and Janet Jackson with a jazzy soulful rendition. This song is smooth and creamy. The video's psychedelic colors and style enhances the feeling and emotion from the lyrics and Elli's voice. This is not Elli Ingram's first time jacking a song and adding some British swag on it. She has also remade Kanye West's "Runaway", but when she takes a track she definitely makes it all hers. Check this video out!



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