NFL: Beyonce, Destiny’s Child Not To Blame For Power Outage

Beyonce is in the clear when it comes to that controversial power outage at the Super Bowl.

According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Beyonce and Destiny's Child's breakthrough performance did not lead to a power disruption.

"There’s no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show. Absolutely not. I know that’s been out there that this halftime show had something to do with it. That is not the case," Goodell said in a statement.

Many had joked about Beyonce's 13-minute halftime show shutting down the Super Dome and the game – literally. As seen Sunday, the game was delayed for a good half-hour while officials worked feverishly to get power restored.

Nonetheless, Beyonce is proud of the performance she, Kelly and Michelle gave…

"What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!! You are all beautiful, talented and showed so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Superbowl with you phenomenal ladies," said Beyonce.

As previously reported, Beyonce will be taking the stage at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. She will also launch a world tour this April (see dates).