Maya Azucena – Dance Revolution

According to statistics, 1 in 3 women and girls are abused or raped in their lifetime, equaling a total of 1 billion people. To bring awareness to this staggering stat, singer-songwriter Maya Azucena gives a powerful visual called “Dance Revolution” for the One Billion Rising campaign initiated by Eve Ensler, creator of the Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day.

Filmed in three cities over the course of seven days, the production for “Dance Revolution” enlisted 3 dance troops of two dozen women and girls to act out the hurt, anger, and defiance through a creative “call-to-arms” through dance.

"This is for all the babies, this is for all the survivors, this is for all the women – who didn't have a voice when they needed it. This is for the lost. This is for the found. This is for the warriors -the ones willing to fight, and not stand down. This is for truth seekers and truth bearers…I shout this out with joy, victory, empathy, and conviction – that we can all, and should all, change this statistic forever and no longer turn away or be silent and allow such atrocity to remain unchallenged. It is time to STOP the madness. It is time for us to own our power to heal this wound in the earth." – Maya Azucena

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Directed by Rae Maxwell

Produced by DJ Spinna