Chris Turner Talks Working With Esperanza Spalding, Bilal & Sean Kingston

Chris Turner may sound like a new name to you but he’s been around for a while. Chrsi talked about how it was to work with Bilal, Esperanza Spalding and Shawn Kingston.

“There are pros and cons to touring and doing background vocals. I get to learn from various artists who are going through various stages of their career. I get to see mistakes and accomplishments. Bilal has been an idol to me since I was in high school. Touring with Bilal was all a learning experience for me. With Esperanza Spalding it’s like being in school. She kicks my ass. When I toured with Sean Kingston early in my career it was a breeze. I was young so it was all that fast life and about groupies … that was new to me at that time. Esperanza Spalding is my age and she has won a Grammy over Drake and Justin Bieber. Her music is hard! It’s been a real learning experience. It has made me step up my game. It also made me more serious. If the boss wants you to be serious you have to be serious. She been pushing me and hopefully I’ve been pushing her. I got a solo and duet with her and they are airing our show, Austin City Limits, on PBS. I hope we get a Grammy!”

Working behind great artists can help you learn.

What artists do you know that have played the background?