Michael Houston Breaks Silence, Blames Self & Industry For Whitney’s Death (Video)

Michael Houston, Whitney Houston's brother, delivered some shocking claims during an appearance on "Oprah's Next Chapter" Monday night.

Having a very close relationship with his sister, Michael Houston admitted to actually getting Whitney drugs prior to her rise as a Grammy Award winning artist.

According to Houston, it was the 80's, doing cocaine was considered normal or common and when he started, she followed.

"She followed suit. You have to understand, in that time, it was acceptable. We didn't know (any better). It just happened. We were traveling. We were on the road. We were young. We just caught up," Houston told Oprah Winfrey when asked when they started experimenting with drugs. "It's been a battle ever since."

Feeling guilty for his part in Whitney Houston's struggle with substance abuse, Michael Houston says it's something he'll have to deal with for the rest of his life.

"I'm living but I'm not alive without her. That was my baby," he shares in video below. "I have my own demons to deal with. I feel like I should have took better care of her."

Much of what Michael Houston said was a shock, ending long held beliefs that Bobby Brown led Whitney down that unfortunate road.

In related news, Cissy Houston's book, "Remembering Whitney," was released today (Tuesday, Jan. 29).