EXCLUSIVE: Bridget Kelly Talks Making It, Possible Collaborations, Fashion Style, More

If you've seen her growth and struggles over the past years, you have no choice but to join team Bridget Kelly. She has personality, style, and her music is soaked in all the ncessary ingredients needed for an R&B artist. With her long-awaited debut album, set for 2013, I chopped it up with the burgeoning songstress about music in 2013, possible colloborarions, her fashion style and more. Check out some of the excerpts below and watch the clip above.

Making it: It's really happening. Honestly, the further along I get, the more surreal it feels for me. It makes sense, but I'm still pinching myself sometimes…It's been a beautiful journey upon till this point.

Growth in Music: It's a little different. Over the course of the last year I did a lot of soul searching, spent a lot of time in the studio with different writers and producers, and was really forced to reckon with some feelings that I didn't know I was going to talk about on the album, but honesty is the best policy with me…so I'm really excited to kind of unleash this R&B, soulful songstress that has been kind of hiding inside of me for a while.

Collaborations: I would love to do a little R&B collaboration with somebody. I have a lot of friends in the R&B world…between me, Miguel, Elle Varner, Frank Ocean, Luke James; we're kind of coming up in the same class…so i'm hoping maybe I can do something with one of them.

Style: I'm big on black, I've been wearing a lot of black lately…jackets and shoes are probably my pride points.

Watcht the music video for BK's lastest singe "Special Delivery."

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