Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee’s ‘Django’ Criticism ‘Irresponsible’

The film Django has been in theaters for almost a month now, but criticism of the film is still going strong.

Spike Lee has been public about his boycott of the film, due to its incessant violence, and use of racially-charged words and insults, saying it’s “disrespectful” to his ancestors. But Jamie Foxx responded to Lee’s criticism of the five-time Acadamy Award nominated film, saying his willingness to judge the film without even seeing it is “irresponsible.”

Foxx tells British newspaper the Guardian, “The questions for me is: Where is Spike Lee coming from?… I mean, I respect Spike, he's a fantastic director. But he gets a little shady when he takes shots at his colleagues without looking at the work. To me, that's irresponsible."

He defends ‘Django’ director Quentin Tarantino and the entertainment industry when it comes to tackling issues regarding race, saying, "You got to look at the individual cases. When Pat Boone covered Little Richard, you think, 'Huh?', he's got no affinity for it… But you can't tell me that Eminem ain't hot 'cos he's white or that Elvis Presley isn't a bad motherf**ker, or that Quentin Tarantino can't do whatever he likes, 'cos damn straight he can."