Mindless Behavior Taps ‘Hit-Makers’ for ‘All Around The World’ Album

Mindless Behavior has tapped a who's who list of songwriters and producers for their recently confirmed album "All Around The World."

Due in stores March 12, the anticipated sophomore set will include contributions from Ester Dean, Rob Wells, Sean Garrett and more.

As previously reported, the album will be led by the soon-to-be-released single "Keep Her On The Low" and is due just a few days before the group's anticipated documentary hits theaters.

Working with the same theme, "Mindless Behavior: All Around The World" is due to open in AMC theaters on March 15. The project follows the group, both on stage and behind the scenes, giving fans a close look at Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray and Roc Royal's journey thus far and in a way, where they are going next.

"All Around The World," the album, drops March 12 !