Bilal “A Love Surreal: Tracklist & Cover Art

Bilal liberates the artwork for “A Love Surreal,” his fourth album since starting his career in 2001 with ‘1st Born Second.’ Like his past projects, Bilal limits guest features to a minimum, he is only joined by 2013 Grammy Award nominee Robert Glapser. The record has been summed up as “the whole process [of love]: meeting, the break-up, [and] the get-back-together,” said Bilal. This is a different angle compared to his last album ‘Airtight’s Revenge‘ that “was really just to write short stories and dark tales of life in general.”

The lead single, “Back To Love,” is a story of helping couples unravel their issues. Bilal throws out suggestions to save his relationship’s longevity: “Get out your suitcase, let’s take a trip/call up your job, tell ’em you’re sick,” he proposes to the vibrant, finger-snapping instrumentation.

The album artwork was inspired by a painting by Dali – the album cover photographer and designer Marc Baptiste added a modern twist to the image.

The album is scheduled for release on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Tracklist – A Love Surreal

1. Intro
2. West Side Girl
3. Back To Love
4. Winning Hand
5. Climbing
6. Longing and Waiting
7. Right At the Core
8. Slipping Away
9. Lost For Now
10. Astray
11. Never Be the Same
12. Butterfly Feat. Robert Glasper
13. The Flow
14. Outro


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