Get Your Bamboo Ear Rings … Atleast Two Pair!

We often focus so much on celebrities and their sense of style… Beyonce rocks the bamboo ear rings and everyone goes nuts. We look at their pictures and try to immolate them and their style. However, there are a lot of people that have a celebrity swagger and style. This article is to show how style and swagger has no specific income or level of popularity. We will show you celebrities like Cassie, Rihanna, Beyonce, Meagan Good and Adrienne is for the sexy girl rocking the bamboo ear rings.

(Cassie You sexy little tiger.) Cassie looks good with a shaved head, long hair and even short hair if that’s what she wanted to do. The woman is just amazing, beautiful and she knows it. Now with those ear rings on she is looking real around the wayish but she definitely looks like she is the baddest girl on the block. Thank you Cassie for being sexy as hell.

There is nothing bad about Meagan Good rocking the bamboo ear rings. It seems fashion always repeats itself. I think we need her to jump into some zebra print spandex. (Trust me Meagan you would be killing em lol. )

Beyonce could wear anything and it would be dope…that’s why she is the Queen B. Her instagram pic made everyone look because she did it so hard. There is something edgy about a woman in a cap , bamboo ear rings and a dope jacket. I guess she’s letting us know that she is not for play out here. I hear you Beyonce. I don’t want any problems with you.

Ri Ri aka Rihanna is just thorough and makes everything she rocks look gangsta. When she wears her bamboo ear rings she gives you that straight out of Brooklyn look. I am not made at Chris. I see way he can’t stop taking pictures.

Damn, them ear rings are big. But they look good on you Adrienne. If you like to make a big statement then rocking these ear rings will definitely do the trick.

All of these women are beautiful but so are all our readers. We create these post to inspire you to do your own thing. Beyonce and Rihanna are sexy but there are so many women out there that have a style that is killer. Keep killing em! Send us your bamboo pics on twitter @singersroom. We’ve seen the celebrities now we want to see how you rock the big bamboo ear rings.