Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston Inspires Upcoming Vegas Musical

What would a story that combines Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Elvis Presley’s rise and fall from fame be like? Well soon, audiences and fans will be able to see for themselves.

Those who helped to manage Michael Jackson’s career are coming together to create a musical called “The Man” about what the process is like behind the making of a star in the eyes of a manager, inspired by three of the most famous singers the world has ever seen. Producers Mark Lamica, Quincy Krashna, Jerry Greenberg, Raymond Del Barrio and Larry Hart were all in MJ’s managerial camp in some way, and they are calling it a cross between “Dreamgirls” and “Goodfellas.”

Lamica called the musical an “epic, music driven dramatic work,” and gathering from his experience working with MJ, he describes the production as being “a fictional template and story that, with some variation, fits a number of global celebrities,” he added. “We want this project to be a compelling, gritty, entertaining tale, that tells the story of the price of fame in a new way,” he continued in a statement.

“The Man” is projected to open in Vegas in fall 2013 and will feature original music, focusing on predominantly MJ’s rise during the 1980s until 2005. This production team is the same team that created “Larry Hart’s Sisterella,” an adaptation of the fairytale Cinderella that Michael Jackson worked on as executive producer before his death.