JoJo Drops ‘Agape’ Tracklisting

Thursday December 20th marks singer JoJo’s 22nd birthday, 5 days before Christmas, but instead of receiving gifts, she’s handing out the gift of her free downloadable mixtape Agape. JoJo took a phone screenshot of Agapé’s tracklisting and uploaded it to Instagram, sharing the news first and foremost with her fans.

Headed by the previously released “We Get By” and “André,” the tape sits at a hearty thirteen tracks, including three interludes numbered in French. Check it out in full below:

Agapé Tracklisting:

1) Back2thebeginningagain
2) We Get By
3) Interlude Un
4) Take the Canyon
5) Billions
6) Interlude Deux: Joel’s Jam
7) Thinking Out Loud
8) Interlude Trois: Love this Sh*t
9) White Girl in Paris
10) LTS Reprise
11) André
12) St. Patrick’s Day Interlude
13) Can’t Handle the Truth