UPDATE: Ryan Leslie Addresses $1 Million Federal Lawsuit During LIU Performance

While performing at Long Island University in Brooklyn, mufti-faceted performer Ryan Leslie took time out from his set to address the lawsuit filed against him in federal court to pay the $1 million reward he offered for the safe return of his laptop containing important music files. In 2010, a man “found” the laptop and returned it, but Leslie refused to pay, because the computer was missing the recording sessions and music were inaccessible.

Leslie recalled the story to the crowd, breaking down when explaining the New York Post’s headline about labeling him a “rap weasel.” But the musician took the experience and channeled it into his latest album. “Never have I been more inspired than when I lost everything than to try and make the most incredible album I could possibly make, and the last two years, I invested every single penny, every single dollar I had to make the most incredible artistic offering I possibly could and October 22 it came out. It’s my album, it’s called Les Is More,” he said. He then burned the Post’s front page story on stage in front of a cheering audience, and his legal adviser came through to support.

Peep Ryan’s response: