Alicia Keys Considers Reality TV, Judging After ‘X Factor’

Usher, John Legend, Robin Thicke and now, Mariah Carey have all taken seats on reality singing competitions including “American Idol,” “The Voice’ and “Duets.” Will Alicia Keys be the next Grammy-winning R&B star to dole out advice on a panel ?
Keys was asked that question shortly after a performance on “X Factor” last week and seemed open to the opportunity.
“I don’t know, to be honest. I’ve never done it, so I don’t know. These contestants, they’ve got a chance to showcase themselves. When I was first starting, if I had four really diverse and established people giving me pointers I would’ve liked that,” said Keys.
While that wasn’t quite a yes or no, the “Girl On Fire” singer believes shows like “X Factor” provide an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring artists and those who judge and mentor.
“I think there’s something really great about that — the knowledge you can share and give — but I don’t know,” Keys told Zap2It.
So, will we see Alicia in a chair judging and mentoring in the next year or two ? It’s unclear…