Chris Brown Will Not Be Charged For Cellphone Snatching Accusation

Chris Brown gets a little more heat off his shoulders. The R&B crooner will not be charged for an alleged “robbery by sudden snatching” after being accused of taking a woman’s cellphone back in February.

In a report released by the Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office, no evidence was found that Brown intended to steal the phone or deleted any photos, which left no standing proof of robbery or theft.

As previously reported, Brown and rapper Tyga were leaving a performance at a Miami nightclub, both leaving in separate vehicles. Witnesses say a plethora of women ran up to Brown’s car and one woman, Christal Spann, allegedly stuck her phone in his car and snapped a picture.

The phone was snatched or dropped in Brown’s car and later tossed out the window, according to witnesses. The device was secured by Devon Blanche, the head of security for Tyga, who reportedly held on to the device after trying to find the rightful owner. According to Blanche, Brown had two women with him at the time the photo was taken and he didn’t want the visual to leak online, which would cause him problems with Rihanna and then girlfriend Karreuche Tran.

As the evidence played out, investigators determined that Spann could have indeed drop the phone in Brown’s car, even though she told police the Grammy winner reached out the window and snatched the device.

With a felony conviction on his record and currently serving probation for the incident with Rihanna back in 2009, a new felony charge against Brown would have created havoc.

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