Omarion Compares New EP, Music to Beyonce’s Defining ‘Crazy In Love’

Omarion is moving into a new space that he compares to definitive shifts seen with chart-topping entertainers like Beyonce and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
Announcing a new EP effort, titled “Care Package,” Omarion says this new era of music is his “real grown up” side.
“This is the real grown-up me. This is that age when Beyoncé had ‘Crazy in Love’ and Michael Jackson had ‘Thriller,’ when Justin Timberlake had ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds.’ I feel like I’m at that age. I can’t wait to display this new me,” Omarion shared with Billboard Monday.
According to management behind Omarion’s shift, which is a layered effort with a number of things in the works, Omarion is starting from scratch.
“We look at it as starting over from scratch. That’s where our approach is-that we don’t get complacent,” says Ketrina Askew, his manager. “This is the reintroduction and reinvention of Omarion. It was important that people see the real him, for people to know who he truly is. He’s not a teen-pop boy band singer anymore. He’s a grown man.”
That said, the first taste of Omarion’s new music was released recently. Titled “Admire,” the song features Tank and Problem.
That song, along with a number of other tracks, will be released free under the title “Care Package” this Thursday, Nov. 29.