Alicia Keys Talks ‘Screaming,’ Challenging Vocal Range with ‘Girl On Fire’

Alicia Keys is an award winning artist, with multiple Grammys on her mantle, but has she gone too far vocally ?
Speaking of her vocal range in a recent interview, the “Girl On Fire” singer admits to maybe pushing too far in an effort to convey passion and a sense of empowerment on her current single.
“It feels so good to sing in this really high space because it’s almost like I’m screaming at the top of my lungs when I say, ‘This girl is on fire.’ It’s like a declaration; it’s a passion that’s like, ‘This is me.’ And so when I was recording it, it felt perfect,” says Keys. “I didn’t have any feelings like it was too high or not. I just felt it was in that breaking spot in my voice that feels like the emotion that I wanted it to feel like.”
Looking back, Keys now knows singing in that “really high space” is too much — especially when she is playing a 90-minute show.
“And then, I came around to have to do, like, 90-minute shows, and add that on top of all my other songs. And all of a sudden, I said, ‘Whoa. This is kind of high,” she shared with NPR.
In related news, Alicia Keys’ album, “Girl On Fire,” is due in stores and digital outlets Tuesday, Nov. 27.
The album features the title track and current single as well as a collaboration with Frank Ocean.
Keys will also play “X Factor USA” Thursday, Nov. 29 on FOX.