Keyshia Cole: ‘Woman To Woman’ Is A ‘Personal Statement’

Keyshia Cole’s “Trust & Believe” led album “Woman To Woman” is a personal statement and a celebration of ten years of music with Interscope Records.
Featured in the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine, Cole says the new album (Mon, Nov. 19) is all about situations that women go through, in particular with men and relationships.
“It’s for women who have been through similar situations and can relate to me. It’s for all women. It’s also a personal statement. It has been 10 years since I signed to Interscope. I became a woman before everyone’s eyes. The [photo composite] illustration on the cover was created because some of the songs aren’t exactly about me, but they are stories that a lot of women can relate to,” Cole told Rolling Out.
On the subject of men, trifling or otherwise, Keyshia Cole says everything starts at home.
“I think it’s a fad for a black man to be hard and gangsta. And if he’s not gangsta, people think he’s gay. There are two extremes. It’s something I’m seeing as I get older. But it starts in the home first,” says Cole. “A mother must teach a man how to love a woman and tell him what’s right and wrong. And the father must set an example for his son. But every family doesn’t have that. I’m lucky to have a husband who has a wonderful mother and a wonderful father. They were good examples for him to see. I’m thankful for that.”
As previously reported, you can catch Keyshia Cole on the BET series “Keyshia & Daniel: Family First” on Tuesday nights.
Cole’s album, “Woman To Woman,” is due to be released Monday, November 19.
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